Christ Ascension ChoirFor some, new places are exciting.  For others, new places may make some people nervous. We understand that. Regardless of how you approach new places and new people, we will extend a friendly, warm welcome to you.

There are many places to park at Christ Ascension. You can park on the street and be near the sanctuary; just look for the large window with the cross. If you prefer to park in the parking lot, look for the sign on Laburnum Avenue. Enter through the red door and look for signs inside the building that will direct you to the sanctuary.

At Christ Ascension, our primary service is the Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion. The 5:30 PM Saturday evening service is a casual yet intimate service. Most who attend this service dress “down.” Music features a Guitar and singing of familiar hymns and gospel songs. The 10:00 AM Sunday morning service is our principle service with a choir and glorious music.

Wondering what to wear?  Well, some of our members dress up and others dress down. You will see coats and ties as well as jeans and flip flops. We invite you to wear what is comfortable for you.

Our service is a very liturgical service, and it may be unfamiliar to you at first. You may feel like you make “mistakes” during worship. We don’t see mistakes during worship. We see worship. We care more about you and your relationship with God than what you wear or how you worship.